Where do you recommend going?

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Where do you recommend going?

We get around a lot -- been many, many places in the USA and around the world. But not everywhere (we wish...).

Where have YOU been, and do you recommend it? Please use Travel.Advisor.com Forum to share your trips, experiences, recommendations, tips and suggestions.

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The Lopez Family
Andaluz Hotel in Albuquerque, NM

Beautiful hotel with extraordinary rooms and accomodations. Excellent service.

Visiting Williamsburg, Virginia

A family trip to Williamsburg over the summer is worth seeing. If you have a student graduating soon from High School, the College of William & Mary is a beautiful campus and is known for its high academic standards. The historic site of Williamsburg is adjacent to the campus. Old Jamestown and Busch Gardens are very close by. I recommend staying at the Williamsburg Hospitality House at 415 Richmond Road. It is located directly across the street from the campus and a block away and within walking distance from Colonial Williamsburg. Our stay was very comfortable. The rooms are beautifully decorated in American Colonial style. They have an elegant lobby. The staff is very nice and helpful. The Hospitality House offers wonderful restaurants. There are plenty of shops and eateries in the area. I would also recommend eating at Aromas cafe. The bus station and the Amtrak station is only about a block away from the Hotel. I am planning to return many times to Williamsburg and stay at the Williamsburg Hospitality House.

The Ebb Tide Resort, Clearwater Beach, FL

My family and I have been patrons of this establishment annually since 1975. Although we travel to other states and countries and stay at many different hotel/motels, this has always been considered our home away from home. The clientele are friendly. the location is excellent and the hosts are friendly and accommodating. To walk through the lobby and see the beautiful view across the bay for the first time makes you realize you made a wise choice. It is a short 2 minute walk to the gulf and one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the world. To sum up, the location is perfect,the accommodations are clean and comfortable, the hosts are friendly and considerate. Whenever we leave, our first thought is how soon can we come back.

Ocean City, MD

If u are looking for a great get away trip I would recommend you go to the Days Inn, in OC, MD on 23rd street. The experience with the staff was great, and the hotel was very clean, great location on the boardwalk. The general manager Gary Johnson was very nice to deal with any questions we had he was more than happy to anwser, when we forgot little things like razor, shampoo the housekeeping staff (Duchess) was right there to help us out. My family and I have never been treated so well while staying in a hotel...

Hampton Inn Hagerstown MD

My husband is a truck driver. We broke down in Hagerstown MD at the Freightliner repair shop. We stayed at the Hampton Inn and we were both surprised by 1. the price and 2. the elegance and service. We've been in the shop and have had to stay at many different motels and hotels over the years in our travels. Which says a lot. This was more of a vacation than an inconvenience for us. The shuttle driver actually made our stay (our being stranded) a wonderful experience. From shuttle to check in to check out was a much welcome and unexpected experience with our travels on the road. I definately recommend Hampton Inn in Hagerstown MD to any and all travelers no matter what your social status may be. I will definately try to breakdown so that we may again be a guest at this establishmennt.

Traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago, IL

Can anyone help us with this travel by bus/coach. My mother can't really go through high altitude. We need for her to travel in comfort and to reach Chicago not feeling very tired. We are going to sleep for 3 nights and travel for 4 days.

Does anyone have recommendation for the route? We look into the I-40 or I-80 and somewhere in between...

Travel LA to Chicago a low elevation

Your need to travel Los Angeles to Chicago but avoid high elevation/altitude is almost impossible, in our experience.

The first challenge is that California is ringed by mountains. There's no true low elevation path out of the state, except via the ocean. Then there are three major mountain ranges and lots of lesser but notable obstacles. Even the railroads climb over the mountains rather than tunnel beneath them as is common in Europe.

To go north to connect with I-80 requires I-5 over mountains north of Los Angeles, via multiple passes that are just over 4,000 feet. Or via US-101 which bypasses the highest mountains but still has some notable climbs/descents. I-80 goes from Sacramento directly over Sierra Nevada at Donner Pass, around 8000 feet, and that's the highest point you'll encounter in that portion of the trip.

If that's too high, you can go from Los Angeles around Sierra Nevada passes by going east on I-15 which climbs into high desert above 3000 feet to Barstow, where I-40 begins. But east of there, what looks "flat" such as across Arizona and New Mexico, is at a fairly high altitude with some notable mountains.

Or, continue north on I-15 into Utah, but you then get to the Wasatch Range, a wall of mountains east of Salt Lake City. And once past them, there's the massive Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Or continue north on I-15 into lots of mountains in Idaho and Wyoming.

Another route is I-10 east from Los Angeles to Tucson, lots of up/down but not major mountains. Then east across southern New Mexico, mountainous but somewhat lower elevations. Once on the flatland of central Texas, it's a mild (if long) trip north to Chicago.

Unplug and Unwind at The Inn at Starlight Lake

When our planned beach vacation to Rhode Island fell through, I was thoroughly disappointed! Pittsburgh, PA had been very hot and humid, and I had been looking forward to a relaxing time away.

My daughters (ages 13 and 15) and I had a limited time, due to work, camp, and sports schedules; so an extended weekend in the cool, green mountains sounded lovely. Luckily, we found the website for The Inn at Starlight Lake, called, and miraculously they had an opening the same week!

Let me tell you; it was worth our six hour drive! This charming 100 year old Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place to "unplug and unwind" from today's frenetic, high tech world! We had a cute little two bedroom cottage with it's own bath, and a wonderful front porch overlooking the lake. Serenity permeates the place, and you could do as much or as little as you'd like! There's kayaks, canoes, row boats, a paddle boat, and a sunfish sail boat. We enjoyed the kayaks and swimming in the lovely, clear, fresh lake! There's beautiful biking, places to stroll, and other activities. People enjoyed horse shoes and shuffle board by the lake. There's tennis and basketball too. Another couple was playing cards and enjoying a glass a wine lakeside at sunset. Lay in the oversized hammock and read or close your eyes and listen to the melody of the wind chimes!

Indoors there are other activities, but we didn't spend much time with the pool, ping pong, television, piano, books, or antique indoor table shuffle board. (In the winter there's cross country skiing and snow shoeing, and it would be a cozy place to stay during hunting season!!)

The restaurant is worth the trip, and a favorite of the locals! Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all delights! From the warm goodness of raisin walnut brioche French toast to succulent pork chop with cranberry chipotle chutney, every meal was wonderful! The homemade desserts were well worth every calorie, and I think the girls and I sampled almost all of them, and definitely all with chocolate!

Service was top notch, and the innkeepers, Sari and Jim, were amazing - warm and welcoming to everyone, super with ideas for activities, outings, day trips, and spot on with directions!

There really is something for everyone to enjoy at Starlight Lake!


Tavanipupu Island Resort, Solomons

Just came back from a magical trip to Tavanipupu resort in the Solomons. Having never been to the Solomons before plus travelling with a group (was their destination choice) I did not know what to expect.

What I found was beautiful clear tropical waters, coral reefs, diving and a happy laid-back attitude. The rustic atmosphere was complemented by great service with big smiles from the local (Solomonese?) working in the resort, along with some of the nicest food I have had in a long time.

So if you are looking for somewhere a bit different to chill out I'd really recommend you check it out. It's certainly on my list of places to return to!



We went in October, loved it so much we went back in January! We're wildlife photographers, and the sheer number of beautiful, different, and unusual animals is staggering!

Banning House Lodge Two Harbors on Catalina Island

My husband and I just got back from our first ever trip to Catalina Island just off the coast of California.

We stayed at the Banning house lodge, it was wonderful, they provide you with a help yourself breakfast served in a beautiful dining area from 8am-10am complete, with fresh fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, cereal, milk, juice, coffee, bagels and bread you can toast yourself.
This is a place to get away from all of the stresses and worries in life and if you want quiet this is it!
No tv's (we do not watch it anyway so were really happy about that) no clock, no phones in the rooms.
There are 12 rooms to choose from 7 are attached to the main house with one being a loft style room with a view of both harbors.
Some of the other rooms are spread out around the property. The view we had of Catalina harbor (cat harbor) was so breathtaking.There is also a common room with a fireplace that you can light and a sun room that you can sit in also.

They have an insulated backpack, you can order complete with dishes, cheese cutting board, blanket, and a bottle holder, you can choose what you want to drink and we chose a nice red wine, you go out on a picnic hike, they filled it with hummus,crackers, 2 kinds of cheese, salami, grapes and some shortbread cookies,there was so much that we ended up eating the rest of it for lunch the next day... make sure you bring good walking shoes as this is a place that you walk a lot, speaking of walking You can walk to the town and there is one restaurant,and a bar in the back if you want a sandwich type meal, be prepared to pay a lot for the dinner at the restaurant, that is the only drawback I found about the whole place...there is a general store.
I had brought snacks, crackers/nuts/trail mix etc and that was good.
If you are not up for all that walking then during certain hours they will drive you back and forth to the town and pick you up, if you want them too, there is also a lot of water sports to do in town, we were there during the off season so we did not do any water activities, but just walking by it was so pretty

The lodge has a kitchen that you are welcome to use, and you can label and keep items that you buy in the 2 guest refrigerators, you can have teas and cocoas and bottled water any time you want. The nice thing is that the bottled water is dispensed cold, room temp, or hot.

The scenery is like none I have ever seen, since I have never been to an island of any kind, its like going to a whole different world.

I know that there is Avalon on Catalina island and when we took our boat to the island we stopped by Avalon and were so happy that we chose the not as busy or crowded Two Harbors, we will go there again and as I said if you want a getaway this is it.

Kona Sugar Shack, Kona Big Island

If you really want to get away and have a thoroughly relaxing vacation, check out the Kona Sugar Shack in Kona on the Big Island. The owners are fantastic in providing information, points of interest, great restaurants and the best beaches I have ever seen. The Kona Sugar Shack is right across the street from the ocean with spectacular evening sunsets. There is a lovely pool that looks out on the ocean views and each rental unit is well appointed. We can't wait to return!

Cooperstown, NY

We have been traveling to Coopertown for the past several years. A couple of years ago we decided to stay away from the hustle, bustle of the city. We stayed at the Terrace Motor Inn which is located 3 miles outside of the city. The view is great, the rooms are clean and very comfortable. The pool area is clean was perfect for our stay. They offer a free continental breakfast.

The owner, Tina, is very friendly and really goes the extra mile to ensure your stay is an enjoyable one.

I highly recommend the Terrace Motor Inn for your next stay in the Cooperstown area.

William Ritter

Lancaster, PA

WE thoroughly enjoyed our experience at the FULTON STEAMBOAT INN in Lancaster, PA. The decor is lovely, the rooms were extraordinary and everyone was very hospitable. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone planning on visiting this area. All the amenities, including a pool, spa and gym were brand new and wonderful.

Potawatomi Inn, Pokagon State Park, Angola, IN

The Potawatomi Inn is a very friendly, clean, and unique place to stay. We stay there at least twice a year and enjoy it immensely. It is located on beautiful Lake James and offers a variety of activities. A great family experience!